painting practice

Okay! So I use Paint tool sai. But when I actually have inspiration to draw this is how I start out. (I actually usually have that problem too. I just don’t even know where to start!) But usually I have some sort of idea in my head and what I do is I just do a really shitty placement sketch

so I just kind of know where everything goes, then I put down the opacity on that layer and draw my sketch over it on another layer

Opacity goes down on that layer too and then start drawing your actual lineart on ANOTHER layer but I think you probably already know how to do that so yeah

that’s how I start out with drawing a picture (I went so overboard, I had way too much fun with this) But ALSO. Never EVER be scared to use a reference! I use a reference for literally almost all of my drawings, because I just…ugh the human anatomy is just so freaking confusing to me I hate it

Hopefully this answered your question and didn’t just waste your time ahah

Big 4 at Hogwarts art dump

with Bonus Jack and the Mirror of Erised:

and now i’m sad

Control your men shotas jeez

Can’t wait for the new episode shit’s goin’ doooown

Hey guys! Just wanted to reassure everyone that my art blog is not dead and I’ll try and get things up soon. Been a bit busy here since I’ll be moving up to New York City in about two weeks now and I have yet to pack up my things and find a job.

so I’ll try my best!

Just a doodle

I really miss the original teen titans on cartoon network

My perfect date night one day

Haru’s done with your shit Ariel

I just want happy snk trio